Data & Security

W.McNeil Contracting Ltd. prides itself on its years of experience on installing systems for multi-network companies as well as for smaller, single network family or individual units. Network and telecommunication specialists.

Let our skilled and experienced cabling and wiring experts take the guesswork out of your connections and create a business or home network that will enable you to share data and information in the only way that is right for you. 

No matter what your residential electrical service needs, W. McNeil Contracting Ltd is there to get it done the way you expect. In fact, our aim is not to meet your expectations, but to exceed them in every way. We’re able to do this by drawing upon years of experience with residential electrical projects to come up with the best way to meet your individual project needs

W.McNeil Contracting Ltd. has a commitment to excellence, and we are ready to be of service for all of your residential applications. We offer extremely competitive rates and our customer service and satisfaction is second-to-none.

If you need residential electrical services, large or small, don’t wait — Call Today for an estimate.