Backup Generators & Standby Power for Nova Scotia

Virtually every industry depends on electricity. Due to Nova Scotia’s ever-increasing demand for electricity, outages are a frequent occurrence. With a backup generator installed by W. McNeil Electrical Contracting Ltd., you can be assured your lighting and equipment will remain operational throughout the duration of a power outage.

W. McNeil Electrical Contracting Ltd. has the in-house expertise to provide comprehensive power systems design for any type of project. We work with our clients to understand their needs, provide options and make recommendations that suit the capacity, flexibility, growth potential and reliability they are after.

Whether it’s normal power, life-saving emergency power, generator backup, auto or manual transfer switch, or a solar or battery application — you name it, W. McNeil Electrical Contracting Ltd. can do it. Protect your home or business with a generator or standby power system — call W. McNeil Electrical Contracting, today!

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